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Colthor is a stay-at-home programmer who likes playing computer games, never practices his guitar and hardly ever sits on a horse any more.

The original reasons for his writing words on the internet were explained in this post, but basically he was ripping off Richard Herring. Unfortunately, his arms wore out from overwork, so he had to pause posting for a while. He’s much better now (and blames over-doing it in the gym, rather than his computer habit), and so while posting won’t go back to (on average) every day, it will hopefully ramp up a bit over time, assuming anything notable happens.

On the bright side, this might make posts less humdrum and more interesting. Probably best not to put money on it, though; they might just degenerate into insane venting, as Colthor demonstrates once and for all that he just can’t cope with living in society.


Posted 17 May 2011 by Colthor

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