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Would be perfect for NaNoGenMo.

Earlier I was talking to the guy who mows my lawn, and a woman came around doing a survey. She asked if I wanted to answer it, and I said no thank you.
She asked if I were even interested in knowing what it was about, and I replied “No, not really”.
Which, of course, was a lie. I just wanted to deal with the lawnmower man, get back to work, and be left alone. I didn’t want to encourage her at all. But I’ve been irritated with myself all day that I don’t know what it was about and can’t find out.

Which is the most notable thing that happened on a slightly miserable and quite pointless day. The only other thing I’ve achieved since waking up is being sixteen hours closer to my death, and I wanted to talk about it despite its inconsequence. To nobody is fine.

“But”, I don’t hear you say, because you’re an imaginary literary device, “you could have easily compressed that down and tweeted it!”.
Quite true, imaginary literary device, but I gave up on Twitter a few weeks ago. It just wasn’t enjoyable any more.

Why so? Because Twitter has turned into a platform for hurling abuse for those who get off on making people miserable. Not at me; I can avoid abuse by being invisible and inconsequential. But I can’t avoid its discussion, and that just saps the place of any fun or humour. Especially because the noxious little skidmarks are pretending that something I enjoy is somehow defended by their unrelenting unpleasantness. I can’t change human nature (or round up all those who give trolls a bad name and have them shot, despite that it would make the internet nicer for everybody (else)), and clearly Twitter are fine with it because they don’t even attempt to do anything, so I guess I’ll do something else to waste my time.

Maybe I’ll write-only tweet about game jams or stuff I take part in, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll post here occasionally (outside of the DOTA 2 A-Z, even), maybe I won’t. There is a post about going to the Netherlands that just needs a proofread, but there are one and a half posts with thousands of words about holidays (one over a year ago) that will probably never be seen by the public so being written doesn’t guarantee being posted.

But, tonight, I just wanted to say something to nobody in particular. And make myself late for bed in the process.


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