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Don’t dream it’s over.

Over the last couple of days my right wrist has been aching, and the hand has been showing all sorts of fun symptoms like numbness and pins and needles. The cause seems pretty obvious: you may remember that I took the arm rests off my desk chair last year, and you certainly remember that I’ve been playing well over a hundred hours of Skyrim and Deus Ex over the past few months. Unfortunately, with no arm rest, most of the weight of my arm has been pressing against the edge of my desk. I doubt it was anything else; my left arm is mostly fine, and I use my laptop’s mouse with that hand (and obviously type with both).

Still, this means I should rest my hands, and avoid using computers more than necessary, for a while. This means no games (boo!) and also no blog. I should save typing time for work. So, until things get better, my diary has to be put on pause. Hopefully with a bit of rest it’ll clear up in a few weeks or so.

I don’t know, Richard Herring’s managed an entry every day for nearly a decade. This is only my 285th post. Youth of today, eh? No sticking power.

As I’ve written them, you can have a peek behind the curtain and see the notes for the posts I’m behind. Add some crap puns, song references, and a few too many semi-colons, “also”s and “however”s, and you’re pretty much there:

  • Tuesday 7th: Eventually figure out how to not be hungry (eat more), so mood improves a bit. But not until after work isn’t productive. Play Skyrim! Pretty obsessed really. Smithing 100!
  • Wednesday 8th: Manage not to be hungry all day! Also eat over 2,700kCal. Get some work done by turning off internet. Shower is dead. Register at dentist (first entry in my calendar for 2012!). Play Skyrim, shockingly.
  • Thursday 9th: Some work done, hurrah! No Dreadfleet, boo! Tiny, sparkly snowflakes. Knee finally healed! Skyrim.
  • Friday 10th: Work – think finished, then find out I’m not by a long way. Dad visited; yep, buy a shower. Cleared snow. Skyrim; Enchantment 100! Not hungry after not eating prunes – hmm…
  • Saturday 11th: Played Skyrim. Archery training on the edge of a mountain. Had RSI. Surprisingly un-hungry, so came in under target :o . Half of Top Gear with dinner.
  • Sunday 12th: Bacon, egg and tomato, hurrah! Scoff loads because of sell-by dates. Finish Top Gear and play Forza for different RSI. See uncle. Make Chilli (not very hungry though).
  • Monday 13th: Some work. Eat chilli from Sunday. Go to Morrisons! Don’t buy 25p fudge cake because diet doesn’t allow it :(
  • The last day or so I’ve mostly been ogling the Battletech introductory box and a big box of Mantic Orcs. In the end I decided not to spend £90 on them; I’ve a couple of barely-played boardgames already that nobody’s interested in (that’s the problem with boardgames; unattainable system requirements), and have hundreds of unused, unassembled and unpainted toy soldiers in boxes. And I probably can’t assemble them at the moment anyway. Hmph.

    At least the diet seems to be working much better now. Maybe even slightly better than you’d expect from calorie consumption.

    Clearly I could do a similar roundup once a week or something, but, really, nobody cares about my eating prunes or chilli or going to Morrisons, do they? The interesting parts are when I go off on a rant or a tangent. The rest is just there because if I don’t write something every day, I won’t write anything any day.

    Anyway, I shall hopefully be back soon; I think this blog helps keep me just this side of sane. In the meantime, I’ll try to figure out what people who don’t play games do to entertain themselves. At least I’ve plenty to read, and plenty of films I’ve not watched. But films usually seem pretty boring by themselves. Hmm. Can’t even go to the gym tonight; my left little toe has something up with it, and my right knee seems to be suffering from last night’s exercise.

    Hmph. This body is old and knackered. When do I get a new one?


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