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Don’t drink espressnow. Fry bacon.

Saturday the 4th started by reading Whiteout in bed, which is a good way to start a day, and shortly progressed on to a properly brilliant breakfast. Bacon, egg and tomato. Can’t go far wrong with that, can you? Alas, no fried bread, but sacrifices just have to be made sometimes. Amazingly, it only worked out a little over 400kCal, which doesn’t seem right at all; I guess bacon isn’t that fatty (it was rindless, but only because that was on offer).

I also made a pot of coffee, so the Espresso machine got a day off. Unfortunately, this is because I’m an idiot who bought cafetiere-grind (lumpy) coffee when he meant to buy filter-grind (fine) coffee. And didn’t notice until after he’d opened the packet. Oops. I tested it in the Espresso machine and it wasn’t nice at all, but at the weekend I’ve time to muck around a bit with the cafetiere, where it turned out rather nice. So it won’t go to waste.

Otherwise, it was mostly a fairly lazy day playing Skyrim. Shock, horror! As if the day wanted to make my hours of wandering around the cold, desolate wasteland of the North even more atmospheric, it decided to add snow to the cold, desolate wasteland of the East Midlands. It was very, very fine snow – if it were rain, it would have been drizzle – but over several hours managed to build up a good two or three inch coat in the sub-zero weather. I didn’t go out in it, except to make a single snowball from the lid of the wheelie bin, which I threw at my shed. It was brilliant snow for snowballs; I was expecting it to be dry and powdery, but no, not at all.

There was one useful bit of productivity, at least; remember I played a game of Warhammer, on the 28th of December? Well, the toy soldiers and game boards had sat around in the spare room ever since. But no longer! I finally got around to sorting them all out and putting them back in their boxes, and taking them downstairs out of the way! It seemed to take a long time to get them all organised. I’m sure it was faster when I played in Games Workshop. But they kicked you out at 10pm and didn’t let you leave your rubbish lying around for a month. Ah well, done now.

Dinner was a treat. I had roast pheasant! I mixed some salt, pepper and garlic in with some butter, then larded that all over the skin (and under it, where the bird had been shot, although it wasn’t nearly as mangled as I’d feared and didn’t contain any crunchy bits) before covering it in bacon and putting it in the oven. Finding out how long to roast it for was awkward; Mum would probably have said a couple of hours – you’ll never get food poisoning from her meat – but The Internet said 30-40 minutes in most places (which seemed rather short, for a 2lb bird), or something like 20-25 minutes plus 20 per pound elsewhere. It wasn’t done after 40, but it wouldn’t have wanted any more than the hour it got. But it was ever so tasty, so hurrah!

I had roast veg with it. A couple of potatoes (over two days!), carrots, and a sweet potato. Turns out they’re starchy, so I probably shouldn’t have had that on my No Stodge diet, but it was too late. I was a bit surprised, because I thought they were OK, which is why I’d bought it. Just as well I’m not a botanist, eh? And that I enjoyed it.

And I used FIVE GRAMS of flour to thicken some gravy. I know! It’s a wonder I don’t turn into a lard-filled balloon. Excellent gravy, though. Probably the best I’ve ever made.


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