You wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry   Leave a comment

Sulk, smash.

On Friday the 3rd I woke up too early, and couldn’t get back to sleep before alarms went off. I hate it when that happens, because I wind up feeling tired all day. And so I did.

That was only a minor complaint, though.

The major complaint was that all day I felt absolutely starving. I was scoffing regularly, but was hungry again an hour after I’d finished the last thing. It was very annoying. Eventually it got to dinner time, and a nice dose of sausage casserole finally sorted it out.

Unfortunately, I am bad at being hungry. When I get hungry I get really miserable and fed up. This is only usually a problem when I get too miserable to want to make dinner, and so have a snack – usually one far bigger than necessary – to cheer myself up, which means I’ll then cook dinner but not really need or want it, and be annoyed about that. Ho hum! Fortunately, the sausage casserole was a matter of a few minutes in the microwave, so no problem there.

The other thing I get when I’m hungry is cold. I’m pretty chilly quite a lot of the time – a sedentary job has that effect, alas – but on Friday even with a jumper and dressing-gown over my T-shirt, and the heating on all day, I was freezing.

So I spent the day hungry, cold, and miserable. It was a lot of fun! I don’t think work was terribly productive. I’m not at all sure I like this diet one bit, but I’ll keep at it for a while longer; maybe I just need to adapt, or it needs a bit of fiddling. We’ll see. It’s odd, because I was rarely hungry at all even when I was eating the fewest calories of whatever I wanted.

I made it to the gym, at least, and burnt off 500 kCal on the treadmill and uphill-cross-trainer-thingies. Normally I jog home, but it was far too bloody cold* and running around in a T-shirt did not appeal. So I walked home with a coat on. My ears still got chilly, it’s only half a mile, and I’d got pretty toasty exercising. Brr. It’s almost spring, right?

* Did you know that, on average, the UK – and, more importantly, the bit I live in – doesn’t drop below freezing on any given day? Which shows you how meaningful average temperatures are.


Posted 9 February 2012 by Colthor in Diary

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