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Tuesday (the 31st)! Appropriately, it sounds like “chewsday”, which is what I did. On Stollen. Two Ls: it cost me £2.49, I think. It was the final chunk, and one of the last perishable Christmas goodies that I polished off. I’d bought so many goodies that it took me nearly two months to devour them, and I gained seven kilos in the meantime. That is an awful lot of goodies.

And I’ve still got some marzipan demi-sausages, a 1kg box of biscuits and three fancy Christmas puds. But they won’t go off for a few months, so no rush.

So that means that on Wednesday I’ll go back to counting calories, to get rid of the extra weight. Hopefully some of it’s muscle because I kept exercising, so I won’t need to lose all of it, but we’ll have to see how it goes and how my podginess is affected. Anyway, I will bore you with all the details in the next post.

I get quite a lot of wrong numbers and nuisance calls to my landline (there really needs to be some sort of “permitted numbers only” system for telephones), and because the ‘phone’s downstairs, and I am not, they quite often hang up just before I reach it. Because of this I don’t go out of my way to rush and answer, especially during the day when anyone I know or care about is unlikely to call. So when the ‘phone started ringing just as I was about to go to the toilet, I ignored it and carried on. When I finished and it was still going, I was surprised, but washed my hands. When it was still ringing not only after I’d dried them and wandered downstairs, but even when I answered it, I was astounded.

When it turned out to be somebody wanting QuickFit, I was not. It was just the world’s most patient wrong number. Never mind; I was beginning to think something had actually happened.

Then at lunchtime I got beaten up by a crab. In Skyrim; I’d been dying rather easily, and you level up armour skills by getting hit. So while I was eating I let my character stand there and take it, healing herself occasionally (which also gained XP towards Restoration magic). Fortunately, mudcrabs aren’t terribly dangerous adversaries. Even better, my books arrived from Amazon, so I also read the first chapter of the HTML 5 Missing Manual while she, er, practiced.

And in the evening, I went to the gym. It was bloody cold, but I still managed to jog home. In a T-shirt. Mad.


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