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My ‘phone, being an extension of Google Calendar, thought that Thursday the 2nd was the Thursday of CCL week, and so I’d arranged it such that I could go out if the opportunity arose. Alas, it was not to be – the weeks changed again – so instead I could stay in in the warm, play Skyrim and write some of this here blog. I’ve been a bit behind, lately; partly because I’ve been obsessing over Skyrim (I love it when a game engrosses me to the exclusion of all else), and partly because I’ve not been in a brilliant mood for the past few days. More on that soon, perhaps.

The best bit of the day was dinner, I think. I’d made a nice sausage casserole with the big, German sausages you get in Lidl (they’re a bit weird – the Germans have this funny idea about putting meat in their sausages – but quite good once you’ve got used to them), and a pack of six sausages, combined with swede, carrot, parsnip, tomato, spud (a bit, just to ease me in to this “no stodge” diet), onions and stock makes three days’ dinners. Tasty, economical, and without much of that stuff I’m avoiding eating at the moment.

This diet does seem to involve an awful lot of fruit and vegetables. I had decent portions of nine different types (excluding spud!) on Thursday. So even if all else fails, I should be up on my vitamins and minerals.

Oh, and I forgot to mention in the last post: on Wednesday morning I weighed in at 79.5kg, and on Thursday I weighed in at 80.1kg, so that’s the baseline (0.6kg is fairly normal variation).

(That makes my BMI about 22.5, so not really fat, but how would that work? “Dinner dinner dinner dinner not really fat but annoyingly podgy around the middle-man”? Sounds like I gain weight near salespeople or something.)

(Only when they don’t flee in time! *Burp*)

Um, yep. That’s that. Exciting, eh?


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