Icy, and the sunshine’s banned   Leave a comment

Not the way.

Sunday the 29th. Did I spend my day off productively, doing jobs on my house so decorating could commence? Perhaps I worked hard, writing my blog/diary/thing/this? Maybe I had something else worthwhile to do?

Nah, I played Skyrim.

I’ve been really bad at getting “useful” stuff done of late; the toy soldiers I played with just after Christmas are still littering the floor in the spare room, and not one joule of work has been done to filling and sanding since… I don’t know. Some point in December, maybe?

And I don’t know why I so often avoid writing at weekends, when it means I’m then behind again during the week. It doesn’t make much sense.

But I totally completed quests, delved in dungeons, killed guys and took their stuff. It was pretty good.

I did have to go back to the shops, though, because I forgot things on Saturday, and wouldn’t have had breakfast on Monday otherwise. Numpty! But at least I only bought necessary or genuinely useful reduced stuff, rather than basket-loads of goodies.

And I also made three nice big portions of curry. It was exactly the same pork dhansak as usual, except with celeriac as the big lumpy vegetable, and because I had some fresh chillies it was actually spicy. Hurrah! I’ve been failing to make spicy food decently hot of late, which is annoying; when I lived with my ex I always wound up making food too hot for her, even when I was desperately trying not to. I think my home-grown chillies were partly to blame; I’m not much of a horticulturalist*, and they didn’t seem to ripen properly; they went red, but still tasted unripe and didn’t get hot. Maybe I watered them wrong, maybe it was because they ran so late into the year and couldn’t get enough sunlight, especially when I moved them indoors to prevent them dying from frost. I left the peppers on the plants for as long as possible, only picking them to use or once they started to shrivel up, but it didn’t really help. Alas, those that are left have started to go funny; they mostly now just taste a bit bitter and musty. Just like me! Hohoho. Unlike me, they’re probably going to get thrown in the bin, which is sad.

* It seems such a waste of money compared to what you could be doing with her.


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