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Wednesday the 18th was another quiet day. You might wonder why, with all these quiet, uneventful days, I’m not more up-to-date with my diary. So might I. But quiet days are hard to write about because so little happened, and what can you say about yet another day that followed exactly the same pattern as so many others? I went to Lidl, and bought milk. My life is boring, OK?

It was my scheduled day off from the gym for the week, and there was, well, not so much a plan as a vague intention for one of my friends to come over and play Aeronautica Universalis. Alas, he forgot the models (he lives quite a way away, but works nearby) and had been working a lot of overtime recently, so that didn’t come to pass.

Instead, I played Deus Ex: Human Revolution some more, getting all the way to the penultimate level. I seem to have taken about twice as long on the game as some of my friends did. Partly that might be because I often leave games paused while I alt-tab out to do other things, but I suspect my obsession with getting the Ghost bonus and knocking out all the guards didn’t help. That’s why I’m not fond of the game giving you experience points for such specific actions; it effectively rewards you for playing the game in a certain fashion, which obviously encourages you to play that way. If it only gave you experience for completing quest objectives you could play more naturally, have no incentive to game the system, and therefore approach situations in different ways.

More moaning about Deus Ex! It’s great though.


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