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Socks, piracy and redistribution.

Saturday the 14th. Over a week ago! Lazy Colthor. On the bright side, sometimes leaving this for a while before writing it up seems to make it more interesting; it reduces the chance of an entry being (as much of) a list of tedious minutiae, simply because I’ve forgotten it all. Alas, this (well, last) weekend doesn’t hold much promise on that front, because pretty much nothing happened outside of playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Does anybody want me to write more words about that? I doubt it. Just play it.

Anyway, Saturday. Other than Deus Ex. Well, I went to the town centre, in order to buy socks and shampoo. I also got some toothpaste and a knife. I know! I got some normal socks from Matalan a few months ago, but their toe-seams were really uncomfortable, so some of the socks were Pringle seamless bamboo socks. Probably responsible for murdering pandas[citation needed] or something, but they’re ever-so soft and comfortable, and because they don’t have (much in the way of) toe-seams they don’t irritate me at all. Might have to get some more.

And going to the town meant I got some exercise, which is just as well, because I ate a stupid number of Celebrations. Almost half a large tub. I’m good at moderation, me.

Oh, the other thing. I can’t be bothered to go off on a copyright/piracy rant, but let’s say, hypothetically, that somebody were listening to a podcast, and thought that some of the things mentioned on it sounded interesting. Let’s imagine they thought they’d be nice to watch while eating dinner, and so inquired as to their download availability. Let’s assume that in their query they also used the word “buy”, but discovered this was not an option. Wheras downloading it for free was utterly straightforward.

What does one think they might do, in this situation? Especially if the download took less time than, say, frying some sausages.

And what does one think is the fundamental problem here? What solution might one propose?


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