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Holding out for a Crunchie.

Sunday the 15th. If you thought Saturday was exciting, then you ain’t seen nothing yet!

I played quite a lot of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Almost at the end. Not long now.

For dinner I made pancreatic cancer pasta. Not pasta made from pancreatic cancer (although are cancer cells edible? Could you use cancer as a rapidly-growing meat substitute, under the right circumstances?), rather pasta sauce that causes it, because it’s made from sausages and bacon. Oh well. (This would have been a topical joke a week ago!)

Gosh, silly newspaper stories every other day about what cures/causes cancer has meant I take any such “finding” with a pinch of salt (raising blood pressure and causing heart disease… Or maybe not?), even when they’re proper scientific studies. Still, there seems little point in worrying about it either way; if it’s tasty, you may as well eat it, because we’re all doomed regardless.

Or “you may not live longer, but it’ll certainly seem longer”, as the joke goes.

I also ate another big chunk of the Celebrations tub. You know where you are with them; aside from the peanuts, they have absolutely no redeeming nutritional content or benefit. And after a few hundred grams you start feeling queasy. So it’s all good.

(Heroes used to be much better, didn’t they? They’re rubbish now, with only Twirls and maybe Eclairs that you’d really want. I guess they have to have Dairy Milk in there, which is a shame because it’s rather rubbish sickly, greasy chocolate. But look at the list of sweeties they’ve dropped: Crunchie, Flake, Fuse, Picnic, Time Out? If they replaced most of the current lot with those they’d be an excellent selection. Even better than Celebrations, which’re too heavy on the Mars and Milky Way for my liking, and while I love Twixes, I do miss the Truffles and Topics.)


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