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A (tub of) Celebration(s) to last throughout the weekend.

Monday! The 16th! Probably not a surprise. I imagine you’ve sussed the pattern by now.

Well, I finished the Celebrations. 4,200 kCal in three days. Oops. I’m glad I wasn’t counting them. Still, my supply of Chrimbletide goodies dwindles, and once they’re gone they’re gone, and I can starve without temptation. Until Easter, anyway.

There was some sound and fury at work, although it wasn’t my fault, there wasn’t much I could do about it (at least until the IT guy comes back from holiday) because it involved trawling ancient backups, and I probably shouldn’t talk about it anyway. So end of paragraph!

Instead I went back to the town centre. Mostly to buy bread (more tasty country grain, hurrah!), but also to return some socks. As well as the panda-murdering toecovers, I also bought some comfy-looking walking feetwarmers. Unfortunately, because I am an idiot, I bought them in size 6-8. This is about half the size I need – although I can often get away with an 11 in shoepadding, which is just as well because nobody makes them bigger than that despite shoes quite commonly (thankfully) going to 12 or 13 – and I’m not quite sure how I got it that wrong. Alas, there were none in any other sizes, so I requested a refund; happily I’d noticed the size problem before opening them, and TK Maxx gave me one without issue. Good of them, as they’re in no way obliged to do so.

There aren’t any synonyms for “sock”. Maybe we should start also calling them biffs, punches, thumps and so on, just so paragraphs about them don’t become sock sock sock sock sock sock sock. And instead read like a fight scene in a Batman comic.

You may have (but almost certainly didn’t) notice that I didn’t mention my guitar at any point in the “plans for 2012” post. It didn’t even cross my mind, because I’d not touched the thing for months. However! On Monday evening I got it out and had a play. I blame going to CCL on Thursday; that always makes me wish I could play a bit. I don’t know if I’ll keep it up in any way, but at least now I can put it in my wardrobe so it doesn’t take up much space in my too-cramped bedroom, and won’t get damaged. I also removed the locks from the locking nut, so it should be easier to tune. Maybe it’ll even stay in tune better? Shame there’s no similarly easy fix for the floating tremolo; I’m sure they’re great if you use them, but for me it’s just added trouble and worse staying-in-tune-ability.

I also went to the gym. They seemed to have given up on the pound-(non-)returning contraption, and did it by hand.


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