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Brown, no ice I desire.

On Thursday the 12th I ached. That’s what I get for returning to the gym after almost a month’s absence, I suppose. I’m not quite sure why my kneck ached, but it did. Ah well.

Dinner was quick, being some of Lidl’s stuffed pasta. I think it was spinach and ricotta flavour, but you’d be hard pressed to tell by eating it. I’d forgotten just how disappointing the stuff was when I bought it reduced, but fortunately had pesto to go with it, so that, at least, was nice.

Despite having one of the few dinners that take me longer to eat than cook (and it didn’t take long to eat), I still managed to make myself late getting to Cafe Con Leche for the open mic night. It was very quiet – presumably everybody was still either hung-over or destitute from Christmas – but the three of us had a pleasant (albeit a bit chilly) evening. My singer friend was somewhat annoyed that she had an unexpected solo set thrown at her, although she did a good job of it.

There weren’t as many people playing as usual, a few of the regulars and a couple of others. The blind pianist guy showed up again, and he was pretty good, too.

I was a bit boozy, having both a Tia Maria (people seemed surprised by the notion of Tia Maria straight, without ice) and a Baileys. Partly this was indecision over which to have, and partly it was because after somebody bought me the Tia Maria, only buying myself diet Coke would be rude. It’s a hard life. But it didn’t make me feel ill, or stop me getting to sleep, so all was well there.


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