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Knock knock knocking

Back to the blog, a week behind again. Partly that’s because I’ve been busy, and partly because I’ve been lazy and/or playing Deus Ex to the point of RSI. Ho hum! Incidentally, my previous post about Deus Ex was the 255th post on this blog. Who would’ve thought it possible. The backup XML file is 1.51MB, and whilst I don’t have a global Word-Count-O-Meter (and can’t be bothered to write a thing to separate the text from all the other XML gubbins), I reckon 400 words/post is a conservative average estimate, so I should be over 100,000 words by now. That’s a novel’s worth. The book of my life for the past eight months.

Incidentally, if you want to watch the fireworks and end-of-2011 report WordPress generated for me, you can do so here. The animation is slow as treacle in FireFox, much better in Chrome (which they recommend), and – amazingly – fastest in iExplode on my desktop. You wouldn’t’ve predicted that.

Anyhow, Monday the 9th. A thing that didn’t happen was my headphones arriving, despite Amazon estimating that they would. I didn’t know that at the time, though, so when I heard a knock on the door I rushed to answer it. In my dressing gown, as I’d been lazy and was wary of going for a shower late because I didn’t want to miss the postman.

Halfway down the stairs, I noticed that the indistinct, humanoidish shape visible through the door windows was blue. Postmen aren’t blue! I considered turning around and sneaking away, but thought: perhaps the email from Amazon listed the wrong delivery firm? Perhaps it was the postman after some kind of uniform mishap? Perhaps they’ve already heard my approach? And so I pressed on, and opened the door just enough to post my head through the gap.

It wasn’t the postman. It was a young guy in a blue top, who declared he was collecting Betterware catalogues. He waved one, to illustrate the point.
I get quite a lot of rubbish through my door, so things get only a cursory glance before being divided into one of “may be read”, “will be recycled” or “won’t be marked ‘return to sender'”. In the past, electoral register forms have almost fell into the second category because they’re addressed to “the occupier”, which is the name of my brown bin. The Betterware catalogue had not been that lucky; I can’t get fined for not handing it in, and it doesn’t affect my credit history. So I reported its fate, and apologised.

He didn’t get angry or confrontational; he just said “oh” and looked a bit dispirited before wandering off.

But it still took some time for my heart to slow down to normal speed and the feelings of anxiety to go away. I really don’t like it when people knock on my door.

I’m not sure if that’s related to the rest of the day being a bit mardy or not, but I dismally failed to either go to the gym, or fill in the dentists’ form and hand that in, after work. And I’m sure you know how such a dismally unsuccessful day will make you feel: harrumph!

But I did do the washing up, and play Deus Ex.


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