Spaghetti, bacon and garlic.   1 comment

Spoiler alert! Also tomatoes.

Tuesday the 3rd was back to work. Four day weeks always confuse me; I only have a fragile grasp of what day it is at the best of times, and Monday off doesn’t help. Still, not complaining! Better a day off than otherwise.

And, frankly, I can’t complain I was over-worked. I did do one thing of vital import, but nothing else was thrust upon me and I had trouble trying to think of anything else to do. Nobody wants to be too busy on the first day back, though, so never mind.

In the evening I wrote some of this here blog, and played some of that there Forza, and made dinner. Dinner for three days, at least. It was Garlicky Bacony Spaghetti*, but I added chillies and kidney beans and had it with bread instead of pasta. So, er, it was Chilli con Carne but with bacon and extra garlic, then. It was very tasty, but then it had bacon in it.

Yep, that was that. No tangential rants or tedious minutiae lasting hundreds or thousands of words. Sorry. But we were probably due a short post.

* One of Mum’s inventions. Guess what’s in it? I suspect it was invented by necessity rather than because of any desire for culinary exploration.


One response to “Spaghetti, bacon and garlic.

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  1. I did garlic, bacon and tom sag last night.

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