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Supermassive backside.

The 4th of January was a Wednesday? Apparently it was, yes. The second day of the week is always the hardest, and it took a very long time to haul my rotting carcass out of bed.

I weighed myself! I weighed 80.2kg, which is 7.3kg more than I weighed on the 9th of December. When it comes to stuffing my face with goodies I don’t muck around. That’s 56,000 extra calories in 27 days; over 2,000 per day!

Actually, I suspect that my weight will come down a kilo or two over the next week or so of its own accord, as my diet returns to less obscene consumption levels. A quick measure on the 5th bears this out, as I was “only” 79.8kg. Consuming 2,000 extra kCal per day does seem a bit excessive and optimistic, despite my best efforts.

But yes, fat bastard. And I’ve still got so many goodies from Christmas left, blergh. At least some of it seems to have been converted to muscle – I’ve been pretty good at keeping up with the push-ups and crunches, and my shoulders and things look a bit less bony – but I’m definitely podgier around the paunch than I was. Ah well, it’s been done before, it can be done again.

Probably it’d help if I went to the gym, which I considered in the evening. But as my headphones were broken, and I still had plenty of blog posts to catch up with and the washing up to do, I thought I might as well try to get everything cleared out. Maybe I’d even find time to play a game! (I didn’t.)

So that’s what I did. Type type type, wash up wash up wash up. A guy might have came to read the meters. Maybe that was Tuesday? I forget.

I did order headphone replacements, at least, so will have fewer excuses in the future. I’d been waiting for IronBuds to be available, so I wouldn’t go through earbuds so often because I could repair them (they always break in the same place; where the cable connects to the 3.5mm jack*), but I couldn’t be bothered to buy another crappy pair while I waited. But I remembered BlueTooth headsets; you can get stereo ones. Cables that aren’t there can’t break! It seems OTT, but there are other advantages; can’t catch them on things so easily, and I don’t have to keep the ‘phone in my pocket or somewhere where the cable’s out of the way; I can use it to watch video and have it sitting on the worktop, say, without chopping through the headphone cable. And as the headset has controls on it, I won’t have to fiddle with the ‘phone to adjust volume or change tracks.

The headset I chose was the Plantronics Backbeat 903+, because I can’t avoid a silly name. Also they were the only in-ear stereo bluetooth headphones I could see that didn’t need to clip to your T-shirt or something. You could buy a lot of crappy earbuds for the £46 I spent on them, so hopefully they’ll be decent and last a while. No doubt there will be a post about them here once they turn up.

* I could get some 3.5mm plugs and a soldering iron, I suppose. Long time since I soldered anything, though. And I thought of it afterwards.


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