Grindier than a Korean mumorpuger   Leave a comment

Coffee constipation.

Thursday the 5th would probably have been quite restrained, food-wise, if I hadn’t eaten a whole 420g pot of Celebrations. That’s 2,000 calories right there. And to use up the leftovers from the bacon and onion sandwich I’d had on Wednesday, for lunch I had fried bacon, tomato, onion and bread. Mmm, healthy.

Cleaning the pan is going to be a pain, too.

Not much happened the rest of the day. I ran out of coffee and bread, so I went to Morrisons to buy that. They had the fancy Illy coffee in tins at £2 off (an offer I’d been waiting for; that made it only slightly more expensive than the most expensive LaVazza), so I got a couple to try; they have Espresso grind, and also Lungo grind, which is good because that’s what I usually actually make. The Espresso grind seems really nice, but seems – like Taylors’ – too fine-ground for my machine; the poor thing strains far too hard, and for far too long, to squeeze out a cup.

They didn’t have any bread, though. Well, none that wasn’t ruined. But their bakery did have cheese scones for 5p and some reduced pies, so it wasn’t a dead loss. Goodies were only the scones, four slices and a piece of quiche, so that was fairly restrained. I only ate the quiche; the rest are saved for tomorrow.

At least there was some exercise involved, eh?

That was about it. I didn’t play any games (bar Zelda Trains whilst on the loo), but did finish off all the pending posts for here. So I got a few things done, at least.


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