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Round two: eat!

I thought plans had changed on Friday, so I wasn’t expecting to have to be up or doing until about 4pm. But I got a ‘phone call from my dad (which is weird in itself) saying that we should go and look at wardrobes. After sum umming, ahhing and mental gear-crunching (it wasn’t even half-past eleven yet! I’d just sat down with breakfast substitute!) I suggested he give me an hour to get ready.

So he did, and then we went to Market Harborough in his shiny new car to examine wardrobes. Well, he got it in October, but it’s the first time I’d seen it: it’s a not-quite new (just old enough for the price to wear off) Ford Mondeo Estate (he likes them), in Fancy. It’s got a push-to-start button and six-speed dual-clutch gearbox, along with all the modern electronic trickery you’d expect in a fancy car. The engine is a surprisingly conservative two litre turbo job, but Dad reckons it’s at least as good as his “old”* three litre model. And it’s definitely more powerful than anything they should entrust to people like my father.

It’s very fancy, even more so than the Fiesta I hired in the summer. I can appreciate the fanciness, and like posh cars in games, but personally, in real life, it’s not my kind of thing. Cars like my old D-Reg Fiat Panda (769 CCs of raw power!) are more up my street: cheap, efficient, reliable, no unnecessary electronic parts and hardly any moving ones. You know where you are with cars like that. None of this power steering and electric window nonsense!

But something you couldn’t do with a Fiat Panda is cram a wardrobe in the back. You can with a Mondeo, thanks to its oddly bubbly rear windshield. And we did, more easily than getting it up the stairs in my house.

So I now have a wardrobe! It came with free cushions. That might have been an oversight on the shop’s part, but we didn’t put them in there so I see no reason to feel guilty about it. The wardrobe’s even had clothes put in it, which is more enthusiasm for putting things away than has been shown to my toy soldiers, which are still sitting in the game room. But piles of homeless clothes do clutter the place up, and get squashed and dirty.

Anyway, I mentioned 4pm earlier, didn’t I? My sister collected me for Round 2 of the Boxing Day Buffet. As the first had been a bit subdued, she’d decided she wanted another go at it. And despite my having far less to do, the lack of subduance meant I found it far more stressful than the first attempt. I got socially lubricated with liberal application of sherry and fruit wines, which just about sorted that.

It was very tasty, though; you can’t beat a buffet, and it was a pretty good one. After everyone had had a good go at the food, my mother, sister and I played a game of Settlers of Catan. Thanks to skill (remembering the rules better than everyone else), planning (a basic grasp of probability theory) and strategic nous (luck) I emerged victorious. Hurrah! Despite my sister’s picking on me throughout game, I’d managed to stay one step ahead of her all the way to the end; she would have won on her next go.

The Dice Gods smiled on me this week.

* Ie. when he sold it it was still considerably newer than any car I’ve owned.


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