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Give me coffee and PC. And 360.

New Year’s Eve. You want to know what my party-people plans were, right? To hear tales of wild debauchery?

Originally I was going to go to Bedford and party the night away with friends there. But I discovered that, on New Year’s Day, East Midlands Trains only run the kind of trains with rubber tyres that go on roads. Very slowly. And make you nauseous and headachey. I’m quite capable of feeling nauseous and headachey on New Year’s Day without the help of public transport, and really needed to be back home fairly early to get to my uncle’s traditional New Year’s Day dinner brunch, so I had to abandon that plan.

Which meant I would see in the new year by myself. Although when this was discovered I practically had to fight off Mum and her threats of Chinese food to accomplish it.

But accomplish it I did: peace and quiet! I played games, both for Steam lottery achievements, and Forza 4. My dinner was the pillaged leftovers of the previous day’s buffet, with tiramisu for pudding; better than Chinese any day of the week.

I wasn’t even really alone (although I hold that loneliness is made-up nonsense); friends were on Twitter, and several seemed to be by themselves too, so I had a chat with people via Steam and with my ex by SMS. It was chattier than most days, really.

As midnight approached I made myself a nice honey-rum cappuccino, grabbed some cheese twists and houmous to dip them in, and listened to the countdown on the radio. I even got to watch a few fireworks through the window.

Celebration over, I went back to Forza until it was bedtime. I found it hard to get to sleep, and didn’t kip well, unfortunately; perhaps a large cup of coffee at midnight wasn’t a brilliant idea after all.


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