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Paving both my arteries and the road to nowhere.

Friday – the eve of Christmas Eve – was a day when I didn’t do the things I’d intended to do. Except for lunchtime, when I did make it to the town centre (surprisingly tolerable! There was a downpour, which seemed to scare the zombie hordes away*) to buy the cake-board I’d forgotten. Oddly, the only cake-board Wilkinson’s had that was large enough was a feeble 3mm thick 12″-square cardboard thing that would collapse disasterously under a good four kilo cake. It was also quite expensive – three or four quid, I think. However! For the princely sum of two pounds one could purchase a larger, sturdier and re-usable glass worktop saver, which would more than adequately perform the same job. It even came with the suitably seasonal decoration of some strawberries jumping out of (or, perhaps, in to) some water.

Firstly, there was work. Nobody really expects to do any the last day before the Christmas hols, but alas. I actually wound up working late, even. Although if I’d got my arse in gear earlier that mightn’t’ve been necessary.

After work I’d intended to have an Indian (and/or Nepalese) from the local ch√Ęteau de Curry, as a pre-Christmas treat (not leaving it until Christmas Eve, because of leftovers that would need using, and not wanting to be stuffed before the turkey). It turned out that I’d got too much food that needed eating, though, so that went out of the window. Dinner was only leeks grilled with cheese, but I also ate about half a kilo of Millionnaire’s Shortbread cheesecake/trifle/pudding thing. Because it tasted like it wouldn’t keep well for another day, OK? Not just because I’m a pig.

The other intention was a trip to the gym, but I didn’t know if they’d be open as normal (the website didn’t mention the 23rd), it’d muck up the washing I was planning on doing, I was running late, there was lots to do, the weather was still horrible and my old, knackered, walking-through-mucky-stuff trainers were still wet from lunchtime… Oh, OK, I’m lazy. Fine. Have it your way. I hope it makes you happy.

Instead I cleared out the blog backlog (although I only had a post or two to write), and started wrapping some presents. It was probably just as well, on both counts.

* ‘Tis the season for goodwill to all men, and sneering derision is goodwill, relative to my usual burning, murderous misanthropy.


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