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Would not live through again

Yay Tuesday! The 24th!

Or not. Awake really was horrible on Tuesday, and I didn’t want anything to do with it. Tuesdays are the worst days, and this one didn’t do much to change that.

Once again, I was miserable and unenthusiastic. It turns out there wasn’t a recognised unit of enthusiasm, so I invented the Puppy; I had zero of them. So the day dragged by.

I got another post-work “do some work” email, which was annoying. And because I tried to do that while I was cooking dinner, I burnt the onions. I probably would have managed that anyway, because they were the last onions in the pork fat/juices/goo stuff that I was using to roast vegetables, but I’m still going to hold my boss personally responsible.

Thanks to work and faffing around dinner wasn’t finished until well after eight, so by the time I’d eaten it it was too late to get to the gym. Never mind that I would have had to go on a full stomach. So that didn’t do anything good for my mood.

In the end I wrote a couple of blog posts. Literally a couple, I think; the evening soon vanished without a trace. Not a day with a great deal to recommend it.


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