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To be fair, it was only one nip once, we were playing and it was an accident.

I didn’t want to get up, get dressed and get on on Sunday the 22nd. But I had to, because I needed to go to Lidl before they closed (silly Sunday opening restrictions), and also before I could put dinner on to cook, which mattered because it would take five hours in the oven. Still, I put it off for about as long as possible.

Dinner was pulled pork, which I coated in garlic and various spices, and sat in some vinegar-water with onions in, before shoving it in the oven for ages (covered at 160°C for most of the time, before uncovering and blasting at 220°C to sort the crackling out). So dinner didn’t actually happen until after eleven at night. But it was tasty when it did! And it meant I got crackling (not quite all of the skin, but a decent chunk), which is always best.

In the meantime, I… Didn’t do much. Some blog posts. Listened to the Bastion soundtrack. That’s about it, really. I wasn’t in a terribly good mood for the first half of the week (weeks still start on Sundays, right?), so enthusiasm was pretty low in general.

My sister popped around in the evening to leech my bandwidth and update her computer; Ubuntu was complaining that it wanted over three hundred updates downloading, and she only has a 3G dongle with a(n inevitably used up) 15GB cap as an internet connection. On the bright side, I fed her half a packet of biscuits, so that got rid of some of my goodie stockpile without adding to my inflating waistline*.
She also brought the dog with her. I got him a super-effective brush for Christmas, so my house and I only got slightly coated in pale fluff when I gave him a fuss. I don’t mind having him around, though, because he’s very well behaved. Well, except for when he pissed up the neighbour’s wheelie-bin. Fortunately they didn’t notice, so shh! Don’t tell them! (I think it’s rained since.)

Eventually I shoved some vegetables (carrots and parsnips. I had others, but over-estimated so only they would fit) in to roast, and had dinner. That was about that.

* Calorie-counting shall return once I’ve scoffed/forced-fed anything in my Christmas stockpile that will go out of date in the near future. Truth be told, I’m beginning to get a bit fed up with the goodies.


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