This little piggy went to market   Leave a comment

or “this ginormous, ravenous war-boar went a-pillaging”.

Wednesday the 21st? Worky worky work. And I updated my secret project with some optimisations (more things that only need done once rather than per object, although less notable than the last one) and a bug-fix (to make mucking around with the secret debug keys less likely to break it).

The evening was fairly busy. Mum came over to see what I’d bought for the boxing day buffet, so she could plan what else was needed. Once that was done, we set off to Morrisons to grab it.

It was a shop of epic proportions, at least on my part. Mum got a few bits and bobs for Christmas; I bought reduced baked goodies (slices, twists and fruit pies!), a mountain of buffet bits of half a dozen varieties, a bottle each of cherry and apricot wine (just in case I decide I can’t cope with being sober when I’m at my parents’) and, at last, a stupidly OTT millionaire’s dessert*, so I was chuffed with that.

The only things I didn’t get were the sausagemeat crown thing (good news! Mum got one later in the week), and a cake board for the Christmas cake. Hey ho!

Once we got back to my house we crammed as many of the buffet bits as possible in my fridge, scoffed some mince-and-custard pies, and then Mum left with the rest of the goodies so I finally had some space left.

Then I had time to play a game. Gosh, games, eh? Remember them? It seems like it’s been a while. I got one of Steam’s goodie give-away achievements in Orcs Must Die (which is a fairly Ronseal action tower-defence game).

The evening’s last job was marzipanning the Christmas cake. Mmm, marzipan. The cake weighed in at about 3,290g, the marzipan at 1,008g, and the jam to stick the latter to the former at 130g. It’s just as well I’m sharing this with people; I doubt anyone could survive eating it by themselves.


New blog topic: pictures of oversized foodstuffs that'll be eaten by a single man.

And it’s not got icing on it yet; that’s one of Saturday’s many jobs.

* I’m not sure if that’s because of the price, or the calorific content. Unfortunately, they only come in one size – a kilo – which costs £8. And I’ve nobody to share it with. Oink.


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