This little piggy stayed home   Leave a comment

The Mystic Meg award for foresight.

Thursday the 22nd was uneventful and rather un-memorable. My exciting lunchtime adventure was having a haircut, so I looked presentable over Christmas and if it turned out I was going out in the evening.

I wasn’t sure if there were plans to go to CCL or not; I thought it was singer-friend’s week, but as it was also only a few days to Christmas I thought maybe people would be busy. I did ask, a couple of days in advance; I’m not that stupid. But I heard nothing in reply, so I got on with washing-up and eating.

By the time it’d got to 8pm without word, I figured the answer was “no”. On the one hand, this was quite good; a peaceful evening with nothing particularly to do would be a relief after weeks of busyness. On the other, it was annoying; it wouldn’t have been hard to say, and with some notice I could have done other things instead; I could have gone to the town centre or the dentist’s at lunchtime, if I’d’ve known there would have been time for a haircut in the evening. Or to the gym, maybe. Rather than hanging around on the off-chance.

Which reminds me! This was Monday’s Questionable Content, and I completely disagree. If you expect things from people, you will just wind up being disappointed. I’m bad at humans, but if there’s one concrete rule I’ve gleaned from interacting with them, that is it.

Faced with a half-expected empty evening, I decided I should catch up with this diary a bit, and so I did. But overall, I set out aiming to achieve little, and, in that respect, it was a glorious success.


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