Nuke the oats for a bit   Leave a comment

It’s the only way to avoid washing a saucepan.

After work on Tuesday the 20th I had to do some useful stuff; washing up, going shopping (I went to Lidl for milk and onions. I wound up spending £30. Ahem), making a big saucepan of chilli con carne for the next three days’ dinners (it was OK, but a bit bland; I used quite a few home-grown chillies, but it seems that some of them aren’t very hot at all), and at long last unpacking my microwave, which I got for Christmas last year.

Why did I finally unpack it? I can’t remember. Porridge was a motivation, but I’ve not had any of that yet.

I did get to my coding before it was too late, though, and set about adding the finishing touches to my secret project. I drew a sprite I needed in the GIMP, and was really happy with how that turned out considering I’m not at all artistic. Then I set about the code.

Eventually, just after 2am, it was finished. And I was jolly chuffed; it had turned out as I’d hoped (at least after scaling ambition to meet reality a few times). Hurrah!

If you’re running Windows, you can get it from here; extract the .zip, and run SekritAdvent.exe. If it doesn’t work you might need this VC++2008 runtime or the latest version of DirectX. It’ll probably get its own post in a day or two.


Posted 23 December 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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