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Because, before editing, this post was mostly written in the present tense.

On Friday the 16th Christmas was really starting to loom, but first: work. I have to do some. Actually, a fair bit; my boss kept feeding me urgent changes. It’s quite nice to have small but urgent things to do, rather than huge, lumbering jobs that hang around for ages; it makes me feel ever-so productive to have accomplished a pile of things. And at the very end of the day (slightly after it, in fact), when I once more thought all was done, he conjoured up something that’ll keep me busy next week, too. No slacking off to wrap, then. Alas!

Whilst I can’t reasonably begrudge my boss asking me to do work*, I can begrudge having to go out and do more Christmas shopping long after I thought I’d finished it all. But Christmas shopping for the long-lost cousin is what happens. Just as well I didn’t have a massive pile of other things I was planning on getting done instead, eh? ‘Cos that would really piss me off, to have all my plans screwed with at the last minute. At lunch I took a trip to Lidl, although I needed to go anyway so that wasn’t so onerous. They were beginning to run low on goodies, but I managed to find a few things that would hopefully be acceptable gifts to almost anybody who wasn’t diabetic or allergic to nuts. I hope they’re not; that would be far more trouble than it’s worth.

I bet you wish I were your cousin.

After dinner (swede and parsnip mash is quite good! I had it with cold (allegedly) smoked trout), I went to Morrisons. It was a disappointing trip. I got a few more things to bring the gift count (and, probably more importantly, price) up to hopefully-acceptable-because-that’s-what-you’re-getting levels, but not a lot else. They didn’t have any of the big millionaire’s shortbread/trifle/cheesecake puddings that I wanted to gorge myself on. I’d really like one of their sausagemeat crown thingies for our boxing day buffet**, but they were Use By the 20th of December. Is that very useful, for such an obviously Christmassy treat? “Suitable for home freezing” certainly isn’t when you don’t really have a freezer. I did get (too much) food for Saturday reduced, but not much in the way of goodies; just an apple and mincemeat tart, which had too much pastry at the edge, and too little mincemeat per apple. I even had to pay full price for some cookies! Hard done-by or what?

I’m getting old and feeling the cold; I needed gloves and my hood up to stay warm (although then I was toasty), and it wasn’t even freezing. Walking briskly through that weather used to be fine in a T-shirt!

* it is his job, after all. And mine.

** Best meal of the year! Buffets are my favourite; you can have loads of different tasty things, and I love variety in food.


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