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A practical alternative to motivation.

I clicked the “publish” button on several posts on Tuesday the 13th, and was greeted with a brand new “Congratulations!” screen. No more daft questions to fill in for actually having something to say! Instead one is given a quote, and a progress bar to one’s next “milestone” (which was 220 posts in this case; once I reached it… Nothing much happened). Gamification will never stop. In fact, it’s clearly what my job is missing: experience points and levels. Arbitrary meaning- and purpose-devoid points are obviously much better and more motivational than those traditional arbitrary points with which one can buy biscuits.

Or bread, as I did at lunchtime. It was a particularly good lunch, as Greggs had Country Grain loaves in. They’re the best! Mmm. Also, on the way home I went into Costa for a treat: a black forest hot chocolate and a tiffin. Both were very tasty.

The downside of having counted calories is that one can look at goodies and think about how many calories they contain, and what that means. Still, if my life is short of increasing numbers, that should help.

I worked a bit late in the evening; I’d been lazy in the morning, and was waiting for Dad to drop by on his way home to pick up Mum’s shopping from Lidl. Once he’d been and gone (which didn’t take long) I had to go to Lidl myself. Go for food, come back with goodies and presents. Mostly goodies. That’s what we like to see.

The evening was more programming. I finished off the class for the lit sprites, and figured out that the existing sprite class (that uses D3DXSprite) works perfectly well for rendering to the lightmaps, as long as you set the correct texture states, so that saved me inventing anything new to do the same job.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it was a productive and encouraging evening’s work.


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