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Watches exercise, iPlayer.

Monday! The 12th! What happened? I’m writing this very nearly on the 13th*, but still finding it hard to remember. This is why I should get up early and diarise before work, rather than leaving it until I’m already late for bed.

Did that make you laugh? It should have.

Hmm, let’s see. Work happened, and some got done, but it wasn’t interesting. At lunchtime I went for a walk, because I’d no other exercise plans (not going to the gym until I’ve got my programming done; there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything). Also, I was still stuffed from the previous night – I didn’t even bother with breakfast – so thought it might help me actually want lunch. I thought I’d have a go with an app from the 10p sale that records and times your exercise, tracking it with the GPS so it can calculate speed and distance covered, so it can tell you how much energy you used. I’d tried it before, but my ‘phone’s a bit iffy at talking to the GPS. Once it has a signal it keeps it and can re-find it, but it doesn’t like finding one in the first place. Unless it’s sitting on my bedroom windowsill. It reckoned I walked 1.3 miles in 16m 24s (4.74 mph), and burnt 125 kCals, which was faster and more energetic than expected, but it drew the right lines on the map and I can’t see how the timing would have been wrong. So it was probably accurate in those respects, at least.

The evening was domestic to start; making a couple of portions of tomato and chickpea sauce (which I’d normally have with pasta, but decided on bread instead to use it up) and doing the washing up.

With dinner I watched an episode of Frozen Planet, because I realised they’d soon fall off the iPlayer; coding would just have to wait. Afterwards I realised I could download them all and they’d live for much longer, so that’s what I did to the rest.

The licence fee rules regarding the iPlayer are odd. You need a TV Licence to watch live broadcast telly, either via an aerial or online, but not to watch things after the event. This means that I can’t plug an aerial into my TV – which would cost the BBC nothing – but I’m allowed to stream and download seven episodes of Frozen Planet (weighing in at over a gigabyte each in HD) after the event, which must cost Auntie quite a lot in bandwidth. Seems backwards and unfair to me, but for once it’s unfairness in my favour so I shouldn’t moan.

Eventually I got on with my programming, but it was one of those evenings with niggly, fiddly little things that take a while to do, so my late start meant there wasn’t much to show for it. It should, however, mean that Tuesday is much more productive.

* And proofreading on the 22nd. Yes, the title’s rubbish. But at least the actual post’s more-or-less readable now.


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