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So you won’t ever stop.

On Friday the 9th I was happily surprised to weigh myself at 72.9kg. I was expecting it to be more, both based on the maths and estimates of my calorie-counting, and because I’d been a bit iffy lately. But from today I don’t have to track what I scoff, so doubtless I’ll be 400kg and thoroughly fed up with Christmas goodies by the end of the week.

The day was mostly just working, and getting ready to leave for the train to Bedford pretty much when the home-time bell rang. The weekend plan was to stay overnight with friends, then tomorrow go with them to the Red Bull Home Run event in Milton Keynes, where I was hoping to meet a university friend from the Deep South. Originally I was going to get a lift to Bedford, but my friend’s car had died (again. I don’t know what he does to them); the brakes had sprung a leak. Happily, Bedford is one of the few places you can get to from here on the train, and another friend volunteered to drive from there to Milton Keynes.

Oh, I did have a visit from the Jehova’s Witnesses, but didn’t have the time or inclination for futile arguments with them. I just pointed out I’m a godless heathen and said goodbye.

So hometime came around, and I ran off to get the train, where I sat for an hour playing Zelda: Spirit Tracks and eating chocolate mis-shapes (99p for 350g of probably Thorntons. Tasty bargain!). A pretty good journey.

The evening was fun, and we had a very nice chocolate pudding made by Megan (“Serves 16”. Four of us polished it off*. And she made extra.). I discovered that I am the best Irene Cara, but the worst Michael Jackson. I even treated myself to a couple of cans of beer, which would have been fine, but, unfortunately, we also got a bottle of nasty pink stuff for a game and I wound up drinking quite a lot of that. Well, “quite a lot”; in total, all evening, I drank about four pints’ worth. But as I’m a massive lightweight it was enough for a hangover. On the bright side, some of booze’s other properties made me feel quite a bit better.

The evening probably could have had more words about it, but that it was boozy is my excuse. Megan’s pudding was the important part, I remember that much.

Unsurprisingly, we were late to bed. There are disadvantages to living an hour ahead of the rest of the population. Or to getting up early. Mostly the latter.

At some point during the day I must have published some posts, because WordPress asked some stupid questions:
“List 10 things you know to be absolutely certain.” – I don’t think there are that many things it’s possible to know with absolute certainty. There may not be any at all; can I even be certain of my own existence? You certainly can’t. But I can’t be certain of yours, so it’s OK.
“If you were a flavor, what would you be?” – Bitter.

* Unfortunately we polished it off before anyone took a photo, which is Megan’s excuse for never updating her blog. Her goodies are, apparently, just too tasty.


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