I spent £15 on doughnuts   Leave a comment

And don’t feel ripped off.

On Saturday (the 10th! As of the time of writing that’s almost yesterday!) I woke up with a bit of a hangover, and tired because booze abhors sleep. Fortunately it wasn’t long before there was coffee and a sausage sandwich. Fried food and caffeine; the hangover’s greatest enemies. I was soon feeling a lot better.

Which is good, because it also wasn’t long before we were in the car going to Milton Keynes for the Red Bull Home Run event. I only really have a passing interest in F1 (although I may try to get into it more again next year; I used to watch it quite a lot, but it got quite dull for a while when they just drove around in procession before Schumacher won. Now they have turbo-boosts and flappy wings!), but thought it would be a fun day out as several of my friends were going.

And it was! But I’m jolly glad Mum found my old winter coat, because it was bloomin’ cold (a high of 4°C, in fact). My leather jacket with its single remaining button would not have kept me toasty. But as the F1 season ends in the winter, and they weren’t driving the cars in the shopping centre, we all huddled together like penguins to watch them drive up and down the road a bit to celebrate winning everything ever (it was more impressive in person. But also colder. Swings/roundabouts).

Display over, we retreated indoors to the shops, and I abandoned my Northern friends to meet up with some Southern friends (who filmed and edited the above YouTube movie), drink coffee (ta!) and ogle Lego. I don’t get to see them very often; can’t really invite people up at the moment; so that was worth the trip alone. And they were with another old university friend, as a bonus. He’s grown a goatee since last we met, which makes him look like his own evil Star Trek clone. (That sentence isn’t disapproving, by the way.)

An hour or so later I swapped friends again, and had to fulfil an obligation. The previous day I’d been given a forfeit: buy everyone some sort of goodie in Milton Keynes. Doughnuts were decided, so we went to the Krispy Kreme shop. And bought twenty-four doughnuts between four people. I am bad at moderation, even in the purchase of ludicrously-priced fried confectionary.
I’m sure Krispy Kreme are an evil corporation* like McDonald’s, but there is one crucial difference: Mr. Kreme’s company is an evil (probably) corporation who sell really tasty goodies. Much better than the reduced doughnuts you get in Asda. My surprise, though, was that as nice as the filled doughnuts were (very), I liked the “plain” iced ring-doughnuts even more. They were really light and fluffy, and the icing was sweet without making it sickly. So I’m glad I didn’t just opt for the fancy ones.
Glad to see the Americans exporting more of their tasty goodies, too.

Back to Bedford, and a few games of Gran Turismo before hopping on the train (more Zelda; no more chocolate) home. Because of the weekend’s prior and impending excesses I had a nice, simple dinner of baked beans and toast, did a bit of typing, and collapsed, exhausted, into bed.

* Asking Google about it, I found this. It says nothing about Krispy Kreme’s assigned moral value, but it does show that a certain group is considerably loopier than the doughnuts they’re decrying.


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