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Do androids remember whether they dream of electric sheep?

I’ve not answered any questions from WordPress for a while, and on Monday (the 5th) I was asked a silly one. I think it was:

“Do you usually remember your dreams?”

How can you answer that? If you don’t remember a dream, you don’t know that you had it. Or that you didn’t. Maybe you remember a dream every night. But if you have three, you’ve only remembered one-third, which probably doesn’t count as “usually”.
Wheras perhaps you only remember one per week; if you only actually have one per week, then you always remember your dreams.
The question is impossible to answer, because it’s tautologically impossible to know that you had dreams you don’t remember because they only exist in your imagination. Unless you always sleep in an MRI scanner or something.
Yes, you’re supposed to have several every night. But if something only affected one person, that person doesn’t remember it, and there’s no other extant evidence, how can it be said to have happened at all? How could anybody ever know?

Anyway, the rest of the day wasn’t terribly exciting. “Some work, some blogging, some chilli” say the notes. I also went to the gym (the walk there was bitterly cold, even wearing a jumper) and jogged the long way home (which was quite pleasant in just a t-shirt). So if I were constantly jogging I could not only turn the heating off, but also eat loads of food to give me the energy to keep jogging. I wonder if that’d work out economical? Probably not; I burn quite a lot of food, and the house is quite well insulated. The boiler doesn’t have to run often to keep it at a toasty 17°C. According to the thermostat, anyway; I think it’s warmer than that upstairs, except first thing in the morning when the bedroom seems much colder than the landing.

I bet you wanted to know that. And I’m sure I over-use semi-colons (and brackets), but never mind.


Posted 13 December 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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