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Manager in “more functionality in description than use” shock.

On Sunday the 4th I went to Morrisons to buy coffee. Surprisingly, I didn’t come home weighed down with tons of goodies; the blessing and curse of getting on with things (relatively) early. I had plenty to eat anyway.

After that I was abducted by my sister to help her move her freezer so it wouldn’t get rained on (her garage is leaky). It wasn’t that hard, despite being a big chest freezer, but wasn’t really a one-person job. Especially when that person has perennial problems with her back and things. I’m just glad she’s not as enthusiastic about filling up freezers as Mum, or it would have required heavy machinery to move.

Then it was back home to the lovely warmth of not-outside, and I returned to my work at the codeface. The job was generalising all the things I’d learned on Saturday so the code was actually some use for something. This meant taking an existing class apart so I could re-use half of it without bothering with the bits I didn’t care about (I was pulling the texture management code – which is a posher description than it deserves – out of the existing sprite-drawing class, so it could be useful elsewhere too). Proper programming! I never seem to have to do this stuff for work. Although that’s usually VB6, which doesn’t support software engineering. It rots your brain.

Apparently there was also some blogging (will it never stop?!) and for dinner I made a nice, big, tasty chilli con carne. Another victory for both the induction hob and my stomach (and, thanks to the lean mince that was on offer in Lidl, my diet; 529 kCal per portion’s not bad going). It used a couple of the chillies growing in my living-room, too.


Posted 13 December 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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