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For work on Wednesday the 7th I got on with merging the changes I’d made in the trunk into the development branch. I’d never done this in SVN (or any other version control system, actually) before, so that was fun. Alas, VB6 stores all a form’s control definitions in the same file as its source code, and doesn’t seem too bothered about keeping things ordered consistently, so there were quite a lot of clashes on one form – the largest in the program. And by “large” I mean its source file is 501KB, or 4,189 lines of control definitions and 9,209 lines of code (including whitespace and comments, which include long-forgotten commented-out code blocks; a bad habit of mine. I hate deleting things).

On the bright side, it does show that the joke about my not ever doing any work is quite untrue. Let’s be optimistic about it. Yes.

Talking of optimism, I copied all the data, and the new OS partition, onto the magically resurrected 500GB laptop drive. I’m not sure I trust it at all, but what’s the worst that can possibly happen?


Well, it’s an encouragement to keep up-to-date with the backups. And at least it’s 7200 rpm rather than 5400.

At lunchtime I nipped to the Town Centre, and whilst there finished all my planned Christmas shopping. Hurrah! Greggs also had a wholemeal loaf. Double hurrah! So lunch was tasty bread, and some other stuff.

In the evening Mum popped over to drop off a coat, and give me a shopping list for Lidl as there were a few offers starting on Thursday that she wanted to get her hands on. I also took the opportunity to show my espresso machine off to her. Mutually-beneficial bragging!

After that, it was a trip to the gym. Probably for the last time for a while; I was expecting to be busy on Thursday, out on Friday, and busy programming (I’m actually quite chuffed that I’ve got this excuse to get it done; I’ve wanted it finished for a year or so) all of next week so might have it off. Maybe I’ll make it once or twice, we’ll see how it goes. There are always push-ups, crunches and walks.


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