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Like the happy train.

On Tuesday the 6th I finally finished some work that seemed like it had been dragging on forever. My hard-drive problems had definitely affected that, but it was a relief to get it over and done with. So hurrah!

The evening was quite culinary. First I made some Broccoli and Stilton Soup (with some extra leeks because they’re tasty and were on offer). I don’t often make soup, so that was one reason for that. The other was that Stilton had been on offer a while ago so needed using sooner rather than later, and it said you could use the rind in it. Economical!

I opted for smashing it to bits with a spud-masher, rather than dusting off (literally) the food processor and fiddling around with several batches. The blender would probably have given a better, smoother result, but it was a tasty success regardless. And another run for the induction hob, which I’m still jolly chuffed with.

Later on I gave the Christmas cake its final dose of brandy, bringing it up to 20 tablespoons in total. Which is a bit more than suggested in the recipe, it has to be said. It does sound daft that I’ve put over half a pint of brandy in the cake, and you might think that it would be horribly overpowering, but as the cake is about 3.2kg it works out at less that 10ml per 100g, which doesn’t sound nearly so terrible. Still 12 units of alcohol in there, though. Well, less evaporation; it will have been soaking for nearly two months by the time it’s finished, so even in a (not quite) air-tight tub it’ll have lost a chunk of that.

In the evening I discovered that Google were having a sale on the Android marketplace, flogging off some apps and games for 10p each. I’d never bought anything from the marketplace before*, so it was an experience. And fairly smooth; the first two games I bought were massive, so I had to delete a load of stuff from my ‘phone’s internal memory to install them; it doesn’t download to the SD, despite being able to install there, oddly. Once space was freed the first – a tower defence game called Field Runners – installed fine, but then the second – Great Little War Game, a hex-based Advance-Wars-a-like with impressive-for-a-mobile-‘phone 3D graphics – refused with a “not enough space!” error despite Android reporting twice as much as the download size of the game. A reboot sorted that one out, though.

And of course I spent a while playing 100 levels of Field Runners. 0.1p per level! And I’ve not even tried the other maps. Eats the battery like crazy, though.

* I suspect that encouraging people to take their first plunge** was the primary motivation for the sale; I’ve heard (and can’t be bothered to verify that it was/is still the case) that Android users are much less likely to spend money in the marketplace than, say, iOS users are on the app store***. ‘Course, I can think of a couple of reasons to explain this off the top of my entirely ignorant head. You’d need to be a massive Apple fanboy to spend ┬úlots on an iPhone or contract if you didn’t really want it for running apps (and this is even more true of the iPad), wheras Android ‘phones come in boxes of cereal. Loads of things in the Android marketplace are free to download and then ad-supported (company that makes most of its money from adverts in “promoting the showing of adverts” shocker). But Google probably cares that people think that you can’t make money in the “traditional” way on ye Android shoppe, and will get a cut regardless of monetisation strategy (*kills self*) hence a sale to mark ten billion (sic) downloads.

** The problem in my case is partly not knowing if things are any good or not. On PC or whatever I know how to find out whether I’m likely to enjoy any game you care to think of, and know a lot about many off the top of my head. Android? No idea. This doesn’t really matter at 10p each, but at a couple of quid it’s enough to put me off, especially when I’ve plenty of other games to play, and there are any number of freebies on the marketplace.

*** I’m not convinced that either “marketplace” or “app store” are proper proper nouns; they’re pretty literal descriptions; so neither is getting capital letters.


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