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Peculiarly practical procrastination, plus prudence privation.

I am writing the post for Thursday the 8th at twenty-past bedtime on Saturday night (well, Sunday morning), having just put a hot water bottle in my bed (and my thickest, ancient (but justified; it’s blimmin’ cold) blanket over it) so that it can get nice and toasty whilst I write, because that will mean I’ve only got two posts to write tomorrow and I’m up to date. I’m utterly dead, so if this makes even less sense than usual, that’s why. Huzzah for proofreading!

(Foobar just started playing Basket Case by Green Day. The first few lines sum this blog up quite well, don’t they?)

Thursday morning was quite busy. I put the 500 gig drive back in the laptop, and a few seconds with the Vista CD later everything was running happily.
The postman delivered a new plug for my kitchen sink, because it wasn’t sealing properly somewhere and emptying out whilst I was trying to use it. Fitting this I discovered it wasn’t actually the plug (d’oh!), and so set about the waste. I discovered the problem – the spongy gasket between the bottom of the waste and the top of the sink had got mangled somehow, so I cleaned that, de-mangled the gasket and stuck it down with plenty of grease; the sink no-longer leaks. Hurrah!
Unfortunately, when cleaning the waste and sink, I forgot that when the top of the waste is unscrewed the bottom – the bit that attaches the waste pipe to the underside of the sink – will be loose. So when I washed things (in the sink, obviously) I caused a minor flood in the kitchen. D’oh. Fortunately I noticed this before anything in the cupboard below (including Christmas-present sweeties) got wet. Phew.
Then I cut up some TOP SECRET documents that needed destroying, which made me realise the scissors were rusty and grubby from wallpapering. So I cleaned and sharpened them.
At lunchtime I nipped to Lidl for Mum’s bargains.

All this meant that I had to work late, but at least I got the merging sorted. When I tested the “merged” copy of the code, it broke; turns out that one of the major optimisations just happened to be exactly the same bit of code as one of the major changes in the branch, and I’d moved quite a bit of stuff around such that no merging tool could have coped with it. Unless you consider me a tool. Which would be reasonable. Hey ho.

In the evening I had quiche for dinner (just to prove I’m imaginary) alongside roast leeks. They’re a bit like grilled leeks, see, and as I’ve not had time to play Skyrim recently I can at least eat similar food. Also, I wasn’t about to make cheese sauce, and couldn’t think of anything else to do with them.

And then a five-post mega-blog before being late for bed, rather than the early I wanted. But it kept me busy enough that I finished the day 200 calories below target. This was happy, as Thursday was the last day I was going to count until after New Year; this weekend would be impossible and boring to count, as would Christmas. And as I wanted to eat more calories to gain muscle, and not lose any more weight, scoffing Chrimbletide goodies nineteen-to-the-dozen seems the ideal opportunity to do this. Just need to remember to exercise, or it’ll all be for naught.

And after Chrimbletide is over I doubt I’ll be worried about losing too much weight for a while.


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