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Can’t think of anything witty about aspartame, sorry. Tha’s part a me? He’s a part time? No.

On Thursday the 1st of December (back in the right month!) I actually had a social night out. I know, right? I even got there on time, probably because I’m still living on BST as much as possible.

As usual, it was to see a couple of friends, and the live turn-up-and-play acoustic music, at Cafe con Leche. The bar was quite quiet, although there was some really good music played. Most impressive was a blind guy on a keyboard (which wasn’t really acoustic, but nobody cared because it was awesome. And getting a piano up the stairs would’ve been a bugger). He was brilliant at both playing and singing, to the point where even the resident guitarist – who runs the show and joins in with some of the acts – couldn’t keep up. He didn’t know what was coming next, of course, but he’s often the best at playing an instrument all evening. It was a good show.

Bad news: I’ve became One Of Those People. Not only was I drinking diet Coke, but I liked it. More than normal Coke. There is no hope for me, save yourself. I did treat myself to a double amaretto, which was nice; liqueurs are very much my thing, as long as I don’t have to spell the word. It’s a pain to find out the calories of booze, though. This paragraph makes it seem like I’m adhering to entirely the wrong stereotypes.

And it was also a pleasantly quiet chat with a couple of friends of an evening. Sadly rare, although that’s my fault as much as anyone else’s. I do get rather worked up about going out, and if I’ve not agreed to go in advance I’ve nothing forcing me to overcome my reticence.


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