Silence   1 comment

(Or be) brief mortal.

My notes (it probably says something that I keep them) describe Thursday the 24th as “moderately productive but uneventful”. So now you know.

The neighbours’ (grand?)daughter continued her annoying habit of playing music at earthquake volume when she’s alone in the house. Unfortunately, she’s not alone in the row, and concrete walls are not good at muffling noise (even with extra sound insulation on part of the party wall). It pisses me off; why can’t people just be quiet? There’s no excuse for it*.

I’d been wanting to discuss it with (ie. complain about it to) her, but haven’t run into her. But I just couldn’t put up with it today, so hammered on the wall with my hand.
Now, on the one hand, she did turn the racket down. So it was effective. This was good.
On the other hand, as poor at soundproofing as concrete walls may be, bashing your hand off them really hurts. So that was bad.

I even used the squidgy bit of my hand, I didn’t just punch it or something stupid.

Grr. This is why loudspeakers should be a capital crime. I mean that in all seriousness; corpses are quiet. Maybe I shouldn’t call for people’s deaths quite so often, but if they didn’t go out of their way to be unpleasant then “alive” might be the more desirable configuration. Until then, however.

In the evening I had the second easiest dinner possible. This time I added a chopped tomato and chilli to the sweetcorn and trout fillets. It was still tasty. I wrote 3,000 words for this here blog (a whopping 3 posts!). And I discovered the Standard Template Library. I don’t know how I missed it for so long – I’ve been writing C++ for years, and have read books about it and whatnot – but it’s somehow passed me by completely. I was looking something up so I could write a dynamic array class, and stumbled across somebody saying “just use STL::Vector”. Yes, I think I shall. That’ll make my life easier.

I wonder if there are other libraries I’ve missed? One to chop vegetables, maybe. Or do the washing up (insert tired sexist joke here).

* WordPress once asked me a question like “Do you find silence disturbing?”. What? I don’t understand at all. How can silence be disturbing? Surely it’s reassuring by its very nature; it’s not reminding you that there are other people in your vicinity (and I do find that disturbing. It even suggests that you’re alone, and what safer and less disturbing state can there be?) and makes it easy to hear if any should arrive. Surely silence is the sound to which all others aspire by inverse-square law?


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  1. Boost is where a lot of what becomes the STL originates:

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