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Just like Peach Melba. Both created by Escoffier, which is a great name for a chef.

Friday the 25th really went out of its way to earn the “May you live in interesting times” tag.

Apparently I had a tasty dinner! It was a boil-in-the-bag pork shank and most of a can of weinkraut, which is sauerkraut with wine in (and a slightly simpler spelling). Not exactly culinary genius, but it was tasty. And rather Germanic.
My evening snack was Stilton on melba toast; still tasty, less Germanic. Did you know that Stilton made in Stilton can’t be called Stilton, ‘cos it’s got a protected designation of origin of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, or Nottinghamshire? Now you do.

I went to the gym. And I even jogged home! My knee seems to be just about back to rights. Only the short way home, but better to go a bit slowly than winding up hobbling again. And I avoided running down the steps. Probably for the best.

And I wrote another thousand-odd words for this blog, but you’ve read those already.


Posted 5 December 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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