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Assuming I go abroad on holiday.

Tuesday the 22nd wasn’t desperately exciting, and Generalissimo Francisco Franco was still dead.

The plasterer came around to drop off some boards, and introduce his mate who’d be doing the work and show him the job. One more step until everything’s done! They should arrive at about eight o’clock tomorrow. Eww, early morning.

Otherwise, um, I went to the gym. I pushed and pulled on things, as you do. Then I did the washing up, which meant I failed to get the early night I wanted.

I told you it wasn’t exciting.

There’s a type of Italian biscuit called cantuccini, which is a twice-baked, sliced cookie-type thing, related to biscotti. Normally they’re made with nuts, but the ones I got from Lidl were cantuccini al cioccolato, so guess what they had in them instead. It turns out that cantuccini are intended specifically to be dunked in things, although I didn’t know that until after I’d eaten them all; I only discovered it because they’re biscuits and what on earth else are you going to do with them?
Obviously I dunked them in tea, and they’re very nice dunked in tea. They’re normally incredibly dry and crunchy, but dunked bits go lovely and soft (and, obviously, soggy), so you have both extremes of texture. Coffee was also tried, with similar success. I didn’t try dunking them in the sweet wine stuff they’re “supposed” to be dunked in, because I didn’t have any.
But probably the best thing was inspired by our former colonial cousins; Americans like dunking cookies in milk, and I like steamed milk, so putting the two together was obvious (and what I did on this Tuesday). And it’s great! As well as the milk soaking in to the biscuits for the warm, soft, soggy texture, you can use the biscuits to scoop out the frothy milk as well, which is brilliant. The Yanks might not get the words right, but they know some good stuff to do with their biscuits.
They’re also nice when used to scoop up yoghurt.

So Cantuccini are hereby awarded Colthor’s Seal of Biscuit Approval. I intend to try to bake some one day; this recipe is quite straightforward. I’d try to bake proper cookies, too, but the recipes are always in American with their cups (US, probably customary, definitely not Imperial, Metric, or Japanese) and sticks of butter (I have no idea). I suspect their bizarre system of measurements is to prevent dirty foreigners from illicitly exporting their food, which might make sense if they didn’t only export the rubbish stuff themselves. Yes, we have McDonald’s, it’s crap. Where’s the pumpkin pie? Brilliant barbecues? Cheesesteaks? Pulled pork? Selfish Yanks. *Grumble*.


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