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A dozen of them!

I realised after writing the previous post that the time between my family getting its first modern computer, and my going to University, was less than four years. That’s less time than I’ve held my current job.
It seems like it should be much longer. When you compare the list of things I did in those four years to the list of things I’ve done in the last four years… Well, you used to get much better value out of years when I was a lad. I seem to get so much less done these days, despite always being busy. So much hassle, so little to show for it.

Talking of getting nothing done, I should stop being nostalgic and talk about Tuesday the 15th of November. Only nine days behind now! Hm. So, what happened? Nothing much.

I was more-or-less expecting the carpenter to turn up, but he didn’t. It hadn’t been firmly arranged, but that was the vague plan, and I tend to assume things are continuing according to plan unless I hear otherwise. Oh well. I talked to him in the evening, and he said he’d be over on Wednesday. Fair enough.

I did make a nice, big sausage casserole for dinner. Lidl sell 540g packs of German sausages for £1.89, and they had a couple at 30% off because they only had a few days left to live, so I got one to go in the freezer and one to make three dinners out of. Sausage casserole is tasty dinners, especially when it’s also crammed with other nice things like leeks and mushrooms.

Otherwise, you will doubtless be shocked to learn, I played Skyrim. It’s quite good. But I’ve rattled on about that enough for the time being (already about 1/5th the number of words as were in my final year MEng project write-up…). It distracted me enough that I completely forgot to do the washing up to make the place clean and tidy for the carpenter arriving. Oops! Still, it wasn’t too much of a mess.


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