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Nailed it.

The big news on Thursday (the 17th… Ever closer) was that, in the evening, the carpentry was finished. I now had: a full set of functional doors and finished doorframes upstairs, even including the boiler cupboard and the glass in the tops of the frames; a complete set of skirting boards (the spare room had even used some of the “rescued” old boards, to match the existing pieces); a ceiling in the boiler cupboard, so it’s no longer open to the loft; and last, possibly least, but still brilliant: handles and a lock on the downstairs toilet, so that can now be easily used.

Two days’ work by someone with a clue, two hundred quid (for which he also did quite a lot of running around and getting any necessary bits), and a massive improvement in my house as a result. Hurrah!

I really should have done that months ago. Actually, I was going to, when I needed the door doing for the main bedroom, but the day after I called Mum to find out the carpenter’s number, Dad turned up and started it. And whilst it was free, that single door took a lot longer than two days to get done.

Okay, it’s all done to the most exacting engineering standards, probably within a thirty-second of an inch*. But, really, having something done to within an eighth of an inch is much better than not having it done within 1/32nd.

Just the plastering to go, and it’ll be time to get on with some decorating. Which may involve having to do some work myself. Damnit.

The rest of the day? Skyrim, of course. Why wouldn’t I?

* For metric people, one thirty-second of an inch is very tiny indeed. About 0.8mm, if you’re measuring. And a bit pointless with wood, which expands and warps depending on temperature, humidity and its own capricious nature.


Posted 27 November 2011 by Colthor in Diary

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