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So the weekend of the 12th and 13th was split into two parts. Not Saturday and Sunday (although it was, by convention), but by “playing Skyrim” and “not playing Skyrim”. And so that is how I’ll split up the posts, because it makes more sense.

First, not playing Skyrim. There was too much of this for my liking.

As the carpenter was due the following week, I thought I’d better finally get around to scrubbing the spare room floor properly. It promised to be a lovely job, so I’d been putting it off, but the floor really needed it to hopefully, finally, get rid of the damn smell in the room.
The first step was to get my small steam-cleaner, and use it to blast all the crap* out from the cracks between the floorboards, and underneath the skirting boards. So I went along every single crack and gap, the mound of crud growing impressively at one side of the room.
After sweeping and hoovering that all up, I made a big bucket of bleach in near-boiling water, and gave the whole floor a good scrub with that. I’m not going to claim the floor’s not still filthy, but at least it’s sterile filth. Sometimes that’s the best you can hope for.

After I’d thoroughly scrubbed the mank off myself, I had a tasty baked mackerel dinner, at least.

On Sunday, after the floor had dried, I had to cart mountains of stuff from the “games room” to the spare room, so that the carpenter could actually get to the walls he’d be fixing skirting boards to. Of all the junk (and there was plenty; a knackered door that’s not made it to the tip yet, plenty of tools, the industrial hoover and its transformer, plenty of odds and ends of underlay, carpet, boards and what not…) the most awkward was a complete 2.4 x 1.2m plaster board. They’re not ludicrously heavy at 25 kilos or so, but I can’t grip them tight enough to lift them, and they’re too big to get your arms around. So I had to re-invent a little ancient Egyptian technology so that I could move it by myself; a couple of spare curtain-pole ends made servicable rollers. The appliance of science.

Sunday dinner was rather a triumph. I chopped some veg and put it in the bottom of a casserole dish with a little water, then sat some flavoured pork ribs on the top, put the lid on, and shoved it in the oven for a few hours. It was all very tasty, and the meat was lovely and tender.

The rest of the time, I played Skyrim. And ate Lidl’s Fairy Princess Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits, which are brilliant. They’re like a couple of extra-large Rich Tea biscuits with a layer of Chocolate Flavour Filling (no pretense that it’s actual chocolate, that’s what we like to see!) between them. It’s best if you dunk them in a nice cup of tea or coffee. They have a magical fairy princess on the cover, and each biscuit has the pattern of a castle on it. Best biscuits ever! And only 89p for 500g, which is enough calories to keep you going for a whole day. Not a bad way of going about it, in my opinion.

* There had been a bird kept in the room at some point, by the looks of things, so this was probably disgustingly literal. But mostly it was cigarette ash and suchlike. Urgh. You see why I’d put it off.


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