Night before Christmas   Leave a comment

Stirring, furiously. Also typing, buying, coding…

Thursday – the tenth – continued the successful work theme, lopping off more seconds, cycles and transferred bytes from the code. The logger might be the most useful few lines of code I’ve ever written.

The evening was also unusually productive, so that I didn’t have to pretend to feel guilty when I played Skyrim all weekend. I worked late, went shopping, avoided a night out at CCL (as usual I only found out about it at the last minute, so hadn’t planned around it), cooked a couple of days’ dinner (sausage and tomato pasta), and wrote some of this blog in a desperate effort to catch up.

As you can tell from my being ten days behind (possibly more, by the time I think of a title) I didn’t get as much done as I wanted. Writing one simple blog entry per day is surprisingly time-consuming, or perhaps I’m just as painfully slow at this as everything else. Trying it yourself certainly makes Richard Herring’s efforts over the last nine years look rather impressive, and his are funnier (and often longer) than mine. Still, he’s a professional writer and comedian. I got a C at English Language GCSE.

Best to keep going, though; I think it helps to keep me sane. Or own-brand equivalent.

Anyway, I had a surprisingly successful day, but the evening vanished before I’d managed half of what I wanted to do. Such is life, eh?

Skyrim tomorrow! Yes, I really was looking forwards to it.


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