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Great, prezzies!

On Monday (the 7th) I got another big box of prezzies from Amazon. Hurrah!

This means that much of my Christmas shopping is finished. Only the more perishable things, and things that you can’t buy yet, to go. It’s uncommonly early for me to be this far ahead, but I’ve had ideas for what to get people, so it made sense to do so. I also seem to be quite looking forwards to it this year. Jolly good, eh?

Of course, buying a big box of presents from Amazon means temptation to buy presents for me whilst I’m at it, and it was a temptation I couldn’t resist. The espresso machine had already arrived, but the other, more expensive present was in this box: an nVidia GeForce 560ti.

It seems that whenever I think I shouldn’t buy a bit of hardware, one will soon get purchased.

The card’s about twice as fast as its Radeon 4870 1GB predecessor, although that by itself probably wouldn’t be a worthwhile reason to upgrade. AMD’s pain-in-the-arse driver problems, however, made my mind up. A company with cards in about a third of gaming PCs should be able to afford to fix obvious, much-complained-about bugs that’ve been in their drivers for well over a year.

But no, and so my fling with ATi comes to an end. They’re just not worth the hassle.

So far the 560ti has been pretty good. It’s not water-cooled yet, but as I’ve only heard the fan once I don’t see much reason to bother; I don’t care how hardware’s cooled as long as it’s quiet, and if the fan on the GPU is quieter than the fan I’d need to cool the card’s RAM if I water-cooled the GPU then, well, why void the warranty? It’s certainly much better than my old x1900xt Crossfire rig – the reason for water-cooling in the first place – that sounded like an angry, bunged-up hoover with the stock coolers (and reached over 100°C before crashing with some quieter, after-market ones).

The rest of the day? Making telephone calls (call back the plasterer next week, and carpentry is now arranged), going to the gym (but nothing that would hurt my poorly leg*, so pushy/pully weight-machines only). And, of course, eating oxtail stew. Mmm, oxtail.

* Did I mention my poorly leg? I think so, but in case: I did it a mischief, probably a combination of jumping down steps and the back-pushy machine at the gym (although I didn’t figure out the latter until later). Turns out that whilst my back can push 115kg without incident, my legs can’t.


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