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But not a career escort.

Instead of doing anything useful on Tuesday (the 8th. Woo counting!), I got on with my Secret Project. Now, the thing about secret projects is… Yeah. But I’ll show it off if/when it’s done, probably after Christmas.

So, er, what can I write about here? I also played Deus Ex. I think we can assume that I snuck up behind people and knocked them out, and began to realise there was no hope of finishing the game before Skyrim turned up. Alas! Too many games. Too many brilliant games. To think, a few years ago I was scared that I’d have to think of a new hobby/addiction/way to waste the time between then and my inevitable death/escape from reality, because most of what was coming out was rubbish, and almost all of it had the worst and most obnoxious forms of copy-protection bolted on; online activation, limited installs and so-on. But now I’ve got dozens of games I’m yet to play, and plenty more on my shopping list.

Combined with all the books I want to read, and all the other stuff I want to or “should” do (like my Secret Project, fixing my house, and going to the gym. And, er, writing this.) I have more than enough to keep me occupied for… Well, almost indefinitely.

I need a massive pile of money so I can stop wasting time working. But then, who doesn’t? Those people who find work a worthwhile or important part of life. Weird people.

Gosh, imagine if I had a social life, too. I don’t know how people keep those up, they sound very hard and stressful work. Or romantic endeavours. Blimey, where would anyone find the time? Maybe they have more hours in their days? Or maybe they just have a slower rate of flow of time. It’s a puzzle.

Oh, the carpenter came around to see what was up, and I finally balanced out all those extra calories I scoffed at Morrisons. Quite the worthwhile day.


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