Getting me some ox-tail   Leave a comment

Does not sound like something you should admit to in public.

Sorry, I tried to get this caught up before Skyrim arrived, but failed because I also tried to get a load of other things caught up. So that rather distracted me in an entirely predictable fashion.

Anyway, where were we? Sunday the 6th of November. Seems a long time ago; just as well I keep notes.

Sunday was mostly about cleaning. Particularly, cleaning floors. You might not think it’d take long to hoover or wash the floors of a three-bedroomed house, especially considering four of the rooms are uncleanable (‘cos they’re filled with junk), but you’d be wrong.

Mostly this was the fault of the downstairs, particularly the kitchen, although it would have helped if I cleaned them most months. I hate cleaning floors, but in my defence cleaning the one in the kitchen is almost impossible; the damn thing attracts pilgrims because it’s so friggin’ holy. It’s missing tiles. Most of the tiles it does have are broken. The grouting was never finished, so there’s a near-bottomless chasm between each extant tile. Also, there’s no edging under the units; the tiles stop just under them, and there’s nothing between you and bare concrete beside dust and muck and rubble. And there are gaping great holes where the door meets the floor. It isn’t easy to sweep, hoover, or then wash.

By comparison, the entry by the front door only required I moved a load of stuff around so that I could actually get to the floor at all.

It was a fun time.

I also tried to call one of Mum’s friends, a carpenter, to get the doors and skirting-boards upstairs sorted. After much telephone-induced panic, he was out. Phew!

After the previous few days’ excesses I didn’t feel like eating much, so dinner was the happily quick and easy beans on toast. I did, however, make the next two days’ dinners. Something I don’t have often, but really like, that my grandmother used to make for us sometimes: oxtail stew!

Mmm, tasty oxtail stew. Tasty meat, vegetables that’ve absorbed all the flavours, nice thick gloopy gravy, what’s not to like? Stews are often best made a day in advance, but because I was running rather late, and it needed fridging before bed, it only got a couple of hours’ cooking. It can have more on other days.


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