My ex used to say something similar   Leave a comment

Although it was only work from her point of view.

Wednesday wasn’t desperately exciting. I got on with some work, and finally finished the conceptually very simple, but in practice drawn-out, tedious and fiddly, job I’d been working on. The first version of this entry had an 800 word discussion of my work that almost certainly shouldn’t be public. So it isn’t.

On the bright side, you don’t have to read those 800 words! I can tell you about my new earbuds instead. Yep, my crappy five-quid Wilkinson specials died at some point last week, as was expected. Not sure why, but I don’t think earbuds need a reason. Still, it’s an excuse to replace them with something a bit less awful.
The new ones are Creative EP-830s, and they’re fine. They can put that on the box if they like. They’re probably a bit tinny (although as the previous set were like listening to something bass-heavy through a thick wall, it could just be that I’m used to everything being a big low-frequency muffle. Suddenly there are all these mid- and high-range frequencies! Where did they come from? Blimey), but they’re a huge improvement, for the whopping price of £8.

They don’t have a volume control, so I can’t use that to blot out the noises from my ‘phone’s crappy audio hardware, but that’s not so bad in the gym when the earpieces are blocking/muffling whatever they’re playing. Often it’s 90s dance, which is nice. Really. Yes, I like 90s dance music. Don’t judge me.

And test them out in the gym I did, before jogging all the long way home. And then I stuffed yoghurt, biscuits and spicy sausages in my face to keep up the calories. Hard life, eh?


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