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XP need use-by dates. Then I’d use them up.

On Thursday I was faced with a dilemma. A horny one. And nobody wants horny dilemmas running around.

Y’see, Amazon had sent me an email. A day or two previously I’d placed a nice, big order of Christmas presents and new toys for myself, and the email said one of those toys was due to be delivered on Friday.

My plan for Thursday evening had been pretty much the usual; make some food, eat it, go to the gym. But this threw all that into doubt: the new present was an espresso machine. And all my coffee was coarse-ground, for my cafetiere, and so completely unsuitable. And when one gets a new toy one wishes to try it out, right?

What to do! Go and get some exercise, or go to Morrisons, pillaging furiously (particularly for espresso coffee)?

Yeah, you guessed. And, well, my right leg was playing up. Every step my foot was just flopping on the ground, like some tendon or muscle wasn’t pulling it properly. Step-slap. Step-slap. So I wanted to give it a bit of a rest from treadmills, jogging and so-on, to let it heal and avoid making it worse.

So I went to Morrisons. I bought a couple of different types of espresso coffee.

And I bought reduced goodies: cookies, sausage rolls and cheese and onion slices. To go with the scotch eggs I’d got reduced in Lidl.

Do you know how many calories there are in a sausage roll? Me neither. But my best guess was somewhere in the region of 450. The slices weren’t far off the same. Yeah, keeping to the calorie allowance over the next few days will be unlikely – in fact, Thursday was over by 700. But it was also tasty, so never mind, and I did some exercises to try to make sure they were used for something useful…

Never go food shopping when there’s likely to be reduced baked goods. There’s a rule for you.

After that, I played Deus Ex: Human Revolution for a bit. And I came across a bit of a problem. The way you get new abilities is by unlocking them with Praxis Points, and at the start of the game they’re doled out quite slowly. Unfortunately, the game has loads of abilities to unlock, and you’ll probably want most of them. So the problem becomes: which to unlock now? But you never know what you’ll face until you do, and everything can be approached in various ways. And you don’t know how many points you’ll get in total, so can’t plan out a build. Worst of all, if you’re spending your points on, say, hacking – you’re not spending them on heavy lifting or cloaking or seeing through walls or super-jumps, and that’s unbearable. So I try to avoid spending them on anything. But then I’m rubbish at everything. Argh.


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