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Not watching the Watchmen (movie. Yet).

On Thursday morning I received my “leave me alone” window stickers from Trading Standards. Plural not because I intend to use them to cover every pane of glass, blocking out all light and interference, but because Trading Standards prefer it if several houses have them stuck up, rather than just one. So I have to talk to my neighbours and ask them about it.

There’s a problem here, isn’t there? And it seems fairly predictable: if one is the type of person who really wants to avoid being pestered, assaulted or intimidated by people at the door, is one likely to be the kind of person who enjoys talking to people out of the blue? Particularly people, like neighbours, whom one does not know very well?

As of the time of writing*, I’ve not thought of a solution to this problem. Or worked up the enthusiasm to accost my neighbours about it. I hate it when solutions require interaction with other people; they just seem like different problems, often worse than the original.

The rest of my day wasn’t terribly exciting, as you will no doubt be shocked to learn. Google Chrome had been annoying me by crashing frequently (that they were DEP errors was all the information given), and, even worse, it was often refusing to load certain pages; Amazon, most notably; sitting on “sending request” forever. As they would work in IE at the same time as they wouldn’t work in Chrome, it could only really be something to do with the browser. Despite its inexplicably overwhelming market share, IE isn’t an option for an actual usable browser, so I decided I’d give a clean install of FireFox a go. It seemed OK. We shall see. Funny how quickly you get used to a new thing; already FireFox was slightly annoying in ways it differed from Chrome. But having pages actually load is an important feature, and worth a little adjustment.

It wasn’t a gym day, so I spent much of the evening playing Civilization 5. Genghis Khan was exterminated, so I no longer have to spell his name, and the end-game was approaching. I probably could have gone for a domination victory, but it sounded like a lot of work compared to building a space-ship, so grabbing the last handful of techs as soon as possible was the plan.

I went to bed early, to read and (finally!) finish Watchmen. I’m not much of one for comics, and hadn’t read any since I was a teenager, but I enjoyed it. I did find it much harder work than a regular only-words book, though; the parallel processing of the words and the images is something I find tricky. It’s almost like reading two different threads of the same story at the same time, and when they start interleaving an entirely different story (a comic-book a character in the comic is reading) it rather goes beyond what my tiny brain can handle. I’m not at all sure I understood or grasped everything that was going on. Not the main plot, which is fun, but the other layers on top of that. But I’m glad I made the effort.

* As of the time of proofreading and trying to think of the title, I have, by happening to accept a delivery whilst my neighbour was at work. Success! Completely by chance! The most common kind.


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