Take me to your cleaner, Earthling   Leave a comment

Maybe they’ve invented interstellar travel, but not dishwashers.

I weighed myself on Friday: 76kg. It had gradually increased by 1.7kg over the past week, which was puzzling; I would not be surprised if my measurements and estimates were inaccurate (actually, I’m quite sure they are), but not by 13,000kCal in seven days. By my estimates I had, after all, only eaten 18,214kCal in total. That would be quite some error. Or I was incredibly lazy.
In the end I put it down to a combination of normal fluctuations and simply that by eating more food I’d weigh more, because I have more food digesting in me at any point. We’ll see how it goes from here.

I won’t claim the day was exciting, because lying is wrong (according to me, so there). I went shopping whilst dinner cooked, and to the gym after eating it. I managed to jog all the long way – about a mile – home, a first, happy success.

Dinner was an experiment. I’d eaten all of my tasty Coke-roast gammon, but still had 450ml of the Coke/gammon juice I’d reserved, so decided I’d try stewing some carrot, onions, parsnip and lentils in it, along with some chilli and garlic. Why those vegetables? Because they’re what I had in the cupboard. I was worried it’d be too salty, but turned out really well, especially plonked on a nice big chunk of toast to soak up all the sauce. It was quite salt, but also sweet and meaty from the gammon cooked in it. A worthwhile bonus!

After going to the gym, I did the washing up. That’s all I did. Where did my evening go? I’ve no idea. Probably I was abducted by aliens or something. Or am really slow at cleaning saucepans.


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